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humanitarian adviser Jan online shopping sites for clothes Egeland said both the rebels and the government were responsible for delaying aid deliveries into Aleppo. "The reason we're not in eastern Aleppo has again been a combination of very difficult and detailed discussions aroundsecurity monitoring and passage of roadblocks, which is both opposition and government," he said. In other areas, de Mistura was categorical about blaming the Syrian government, saying it had not yet provided the proper permits. The Syrian government has said all aid deliveries must be conducted in coordination with it. France, which backs the opposition, became the first U.S. ally to publicly question the deal with Moscow, urging Washington to share details of the agreement and saying without aid for Aleppo, it was not credible. About 300,000 people are thought to be living in eastern Aleppo, while more than one million live in the government-controlled western half of the city. Two convoys of aid for Aleppo have been waiting in no-man's land to proceed to Aleppo after crossing the Turkish border. If a green light was given, a spokesman for the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said the first 20 trucks would move to Aleppo and if they reached the city safely, the second convoy would then leave. The two convoys were carrying enough food for 80,000 people for a month, he said.

The policy applies only in England. This table from the House of Commons Library contrasts the number of sales under the right to buy with the number of properties acquired and builds started by local authorities: At first glance there is a big discrepancy between the number of properties sold and the number gained - more than six times as many have been sold as have been acquired. However, the government has not committed to replacing all sales. When the system was being overhauled in 2011-12 the government promised to replace only additional sales. Before the overhaul, about 2,500 homes were being sold anyway and the government has estimated how many would have been built after that without the revamp. Also, the promise was to replace sold dwellings within three years of the date they were sold. So, if you look at the first year of sales after the overhaul, you will see that 5,944 homes were sold. Subtract the estimated 2,890 that would have been sold anyway and you get 3,054. If you add up the new houses started or bought in the next three years you get 4,471, which is clearly better than the one for one promised. We do not yet know whether the promise has been kept for 2013-14 because a property sold in March 2014, for example, would not have to be replaced until March 2017.